Poinsettia Sale

Poinsettias are one of the most popular seasonal potted crops in the United States, and are grown and sold on a massive scale every year from late November through December. In the spirit of the winter holidays, the Horticulture Club grows and sells a crop of poinsettias to spread holiday cheer, and raise money to fund future club events and outings.

Our poinsettia sale committee plans this fundraiser from the ground up, deciding everything from varieties, to sizes at finish, all the way down to how they will be grown. Participation on the committee is a great way for students to develop leadership and professional skills in a community of their peers. No poinsettia-growing experience is required to be on the committee, so we strongly encourage all our members to get involved!

This fundraiser is also a great opportunity for students interested in ornamental plant production. Club members involved at all levels can gain valuable experience, and learn how to produce a high-quality crop of poinsettias in a fun, low-risk environment. Small mishaps in commercial poinsettia production can add up to catastrophic crop losses, and that generally means bad news for the bottom-line. Our poinsettia sale, however, is different. Any crop losses we incur translate to valuable learning opportunities. All materials for the sale are purchased using revenue from past fundraisers and all labor is voluntary, so no one’s job is at stake.